your inner game and mental running narrative

What is your inner game?

Your inner game is the mental conversation you’re always having with yourself. That voice you hear inside your own mind isn’t God, it isn’t psychosis, and it isn’t anything to afraid of. It’s just you — your authentic self.

There are many forces in life that will try to pry you from your authentic internal voice. Some are relatively harmless while others are extremely dangerous, either in the short term or the long run. It’s important to be discerning about external messages and their sources — as well as being self-aware and mindful of what’s going on inside.

In other words: it’s vital to have a balanced and rational conversation with yourself, inside of your own mind. Without a strong internal core, you become vulnerable to propaganda, conspiracy theories, and con men of all stripes. This site aims to help you build that core inner game strength — call it Mental Health Care for the 21st century.

Stay tuned for more to come in this space and until then, check out our related work on Mental Self-Defense!